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Exploring the Unofficial Google Reader API

Google Reader has no official API. ¬†However, folks have figured out ways of using the existing API even though Google has not officially published any documentation. There is a Google Group:¬†Friends of the Unofficial Google Reader API | Google Groups. … Continue reading

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Create new commands for your Unix-based command line

Do you ever wish you had a shortcut to save yourself from typing the same things into the command line repeatedly? This tutorial will show you how to create a new command for your Unix-based command line (Linux, OS X, … Continue reading

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Tarpipe: a cool idea for lifestreaming, but is it secure?

I decided to check out Tarpipe because it looks like the kind of information flow / lifestreaming thing I’ve been interested in developing for Posterous. Strangely, Tarpipe doesn’t support Posterous, but instead supports Tumblr. But I thought I’d try it … Continue reading

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WordPress CMS: testimonials, custom fields, and random posts

Today I had to set up a way to organize and publish the content of customer testimonials. Excerpts from these testimonials were going to appear in the left column of the page, in addition to being able to viewed in … Continue reading

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Sections of a WordPress Site

Sometimes it’s useful to know whether the current post or page is within a specified hierarchical section of the site. For example, I may have a page on my site called “Super Funky”, and some child pages dedicated to James … Continue reading

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Default WordPress Video

Some comparisons of the stock video functionality, using the “Add Video” button above the editing window in WP 2.8.

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YouTube Lightbox Embedding

Here is a YouTube Flash video player that is viewed within the ever-popular “lightbox effect”. To achieve this, I am using iBox, which is freely available as a simple JavaScript file or as a WordPress plugin. Since this is within … Continue reading

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YouTube Player Tests

In this post, I am testing various ways of embedding a YouTube Player. For the super-customized chromeless player, please visit the chromeless player page.

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Scope issues with the callback to JQuery’s animate() function

All I had to do was to save a reference to the Animation object inside the Animation object, and then this.callback would be able to refer to it. Continue reading

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I have to add my voice to the chorus of folks who love this merchandise design from Steven Frank.

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